Nissan Leaf | 14V | 56Ah
Nissan Leaf | 14V | 56Ah
Nissan Leaf | 14V | 56Ah
Nissan Leaf | 14V | 56Ah
Nissan Leaf | 14V | 56Ah

Nissan Leaf | 14V | 56Ah

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Original Capacity: 1670Wh
Re-rated Capacity: 1670Wh As NEW - Unused with zero miles use
Re-rated Energy density: 180 W / Kg
Nominal voltage: 14.56V
Vehicle Year: 2019
Vehicle Miles: 0 (ZERO)

Nissan Leaf 1670Wh Module Lithium-ion Battery Features

Compact shape that enhances mounting efficiency on the vehicle

The EV module is 8 metal cells 3.65V each connected and housed in a metal case. The case plays a role of protecting the cell from vibrations and the like, and its simple and compact shape increases the flexibility of pack design.

Construction: 2 parallel 2 straight x 2 units

What's included Nissan Leaf 1670Wh Module

With EACH module purchase you will receive:

1 X  Unused Nissan Leaf 1670Wh Module 

Nissan Leaf 1670Wh Module Specification

  • Original Capacity 1670Wh
  • Re-rated Capacity: 1670Wh Unused 
  • Photo 1 - Nominal voltage 7.3V
  • Photo 2 - Nominal voltage 14.56V
  • Length 300mm (319mm over terminals)
  • Width 222mm
  • Height 68mm
  • Mass 8.7kg

*Please note these are Unused with zero miles use but have been removed from a Nissan Pack. Removal process some marks/scratches the out casing. So please be aware of this.

Datasheet for Nissan-1670wh-Module-Datasheet.pdf

BMS - Battery Management System

We DO NOT sell a BMS solution for the Nissan Leaf modules. We have found a solution in Australia which does look really good. We have NOT tested their system our self. The company is Batrium -

They have done a very good video below show how the Leaf Modules connect to the BMS. 


Unfortunately no additional information is available on this product. Everything we know is listed above. Please do not contact us asking for additional information. If a 3D CAD is available it will be listed above