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VW ID Module 12S - 6.85kWh / 156Ah / 44V

VW ID Module 12S - 6.85kWh / 156Ah / 44V

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W ID 12S Module Lithium-ion Battery

VW ID 3 Module / VW ID 4 Module Specification

Part no. 0Z1915 592 H
Ah Capacity: 156
Nominal voltage 44.4V
Cell Capacity per battery: 78 Ah
Cells in a complete Module: 24
Module Circuitry:  12 in series, 2 in parallel (12s2p)
Module Capacity: 156 Ah
Length 590mm
Width 225mm
Height 110mm
Mass 32kg
Bolt Size M6

Balancing current of the VW ID modules is low. They only use around 100 mA of passive cell balancing. Higher currents could damage the cell tap wires in the modules or blow the internal fuse. Keep this in mind when selecting your BMS

Charge voltage cut-off: 
                 Cell = 4.15V
                 Module = 50.V
Discharging cut-off:
                 Cell = 3.3V
                 Module = 39.6v
Maximum Discharging Current (10 sec.): 800 Amps

Each cell tap has a fuse inside the battery. Be careful not to short out any wires and double check all wiring prior to installing the BMS wires. A burned fuse will not be warrantied due to negligence. All modules have their fuses checked when we receive them and before we ship them to ensure you receive a good module.

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