VW ID Module
VW ID Module
VW ID Module
VW ID Module 8S - 6.85kWh / 234Ah / 29.6V
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VW ID Module
VW ID Module cell layout

VW ID Module 8S - 6.85kWh / 234Ah / 29.6V

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 VW ID 8S Modules

Year: 2021
Miles: 6273
Original Capacity: 6850Wh

Nominal voltage: 29.6V
Configuration: 8S3P


228 Wh per kg
469 kWh per cubic meter
£166 per kWh ex vat

VW ID4/ID3 8S Module Lithium-ion Battery

What's included VW ID 8S Module

With this purchase you with receive:

1 x VW ID 8S Module with cable tail

VW ID3 / VW ID4 Module Module Specification
Part no. 0Z1915 599 H
Ah Capacity: 234
Type Pouch Cell NCM 712
Cell Capacity per battery: 78 Ah
Cells in a complete Module: 24
Module Circuitry: 8 in series, 3 in parallel (8s3p)
Module Capacity: 234 Ah
Length 590mm
Width 225mm
Height 110mm
Mass 32kg
Bolt Size M6

Charge voltage cut-off:
                 Cell = 4.2V
                 Module = 33.6V
Discharging cut-off:
                 Cell = 3.3V
                 Module = 24.2v
Maximum Discharging Current (10 sec.): 1000 Amps

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