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VW ID3 modules battery- side - FOR SALE
VW ID3 modules FOR SALE - top battery
VW ID3 battery modules - front
ID3  battery For Sale VW ID3 modules - front
VW ID3 battery  for sale ID3 Modules
VW ID3 modules battery - front
VW ID.3 Module battery for sale
VW ID3 modules - cable for sale
cable for VW ID3 modules
vw ID3 module battery sticker
VW ID Module 12S - 6.85kWh / 156Ah / 44V

VW ID Module 12S - 6.85kWh / 156Ah / 44V

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VW ID Modules

Original Capacity: 6850Wh
Nominal voltage: 44.4V
Configuration: 12S2P
228 Wh per kg
469 kWh per cubic meter
£166 per kWh ex vat

VW ID Module Lithium-ion Battery

What's included VW ID LG Chem Module

With this purchase you with receive:

1 x VW ID Module with cable tail  (LG Chem Modules).  Based on the vehicle miles we would expect this to have over 90% capacity remaining

VW ID3 Module (LG Chem) Module Specification

Ah Capacity: 156
Configuration: 12S2P
Nominal voltage 44.4V
Length 590mm
Width 225mm
Height 110mm
Mass 32kg
Bolt Size M6

Charge voltage cut-off:
                 Cell = 4.2V
                 Module = 50.V
Discharging cut-off:
                 Cell = 3.3V
                 Module = 39.6v
Maximum Discharging Current (10 sec.): 800 Amps

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