Lem Current Sensor CAB 300-C/SP2 S
Lem Current Sensor CAB 300-C/SP2 S

LEM Current Sensor CAB 300-C/SP2 (NEW)

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  • Length 70mm
  • Width 75mm + cable
  • Height 30mm
  • Mass 74g
  • Condition: NEW - direct from LEM factory


LEM Current Sensor CAB 300-C/SP2  Features

This LEM Current Sensor CAB 300-C/SP2 does work with the SIMP BMS we sell


CAB 300-C/SP2 The CAB family is for battery monitoring applications where high accuracy and very low offset are required. 

• Transducer using Fluxgate technology
• Zero offset
• Unlimited over-current capability
• Panel mounting
• Unipolar + 12 V battery power supply
• TA=  40 °C + 85 °C
• Accuracy (over temperature range) - E:G= Sensitivity error < 0.5 % - Linarity error <0.1 %
• Output signal: - CAN.0 (500 kbps)
• Optional internal digital low-pass frequency filter.
Special feature
• Connector type PIN Tyco AMP 1473672-1.

• No offset error
• High accuracy
• Low linearity error
• Full galvanic separation.

• Hybrid and electric vehicle battery pack
• Conventional lead-acid batteries
• Accurate current measurement for battery management applications (SOC. SOH, SOF etc.).

 Lem Current Sensor CAB 300-C/SP2_Datasheet.pdf

What's included 

1 X Lem Current Sensor CAB 300-C/SP2 (NEW)


Lem Current Sensor CAB 300-C/SP2 Specification

  • CAB 300-C/SP2
  • Length 70mm
  • Width 75mm + cable
  • Height 30mm
  • Mass 74g

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