Lem Current Sensor CT Ammeter DHAB-S-18 (NEW)

Lem Current Sensor CT Ammeter DHAB-S-18 (NEW)

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Lem Current Sensor CT Ammeter Features

NEW Lem Current Sensor

This item is compatiable with the SIMP BMS

The DHAB family is best suited for DC, AC, or pulsed currents measurement in high power and low voltage automotive applications. Its contains galvanic isolation between the primary circuit (high power) and the secondary circuit (electronic circuit). 

The DHAB family gives you a choice of having different current measuring ranges in the same housing (from ± 20 up to ± 600 A).

• Open Loop transducer using the Hall effect sensor
• Low voltage application
• Unipolar + 5 V DC power supply
• Primary current measuring range up to ± 30 A for range 1 and ± 350 A for range 2
• Maximum rms primary admissible limited by the busbar, the magnetic core or the ASIC temperature T° < + 150°C
• Operating temperature range:
• 40°C < T° < + 125°C
• Output voltage: fully ratiometric (in sensitivity and offset) 2 measuring ranges to have a better accuracy. 

• Good accuracy for high and low current range
• Good linearity
• Low thermal offset drift
• Low thermal sensitivity drift
• Hermetic package.

• Battery Pack Monitoring
• Hybrid Vehicles
• EV and Utility Vehicles.

What's included 

1 X Lem Current Sensor Ct Ammeter.


Lem Current Sensor CT Ammeter Specification

  • DHAB S/18
  • Length 65mm
  • Width 71mm + cables
  • Height 24mm
  • Mass 93g

Lem Current Sensor CT Ammeter DHAB-S-18 Datasheet.pdf

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