SimpBMS (Battery Management System)
SimpBMS (Battery Management System)
SimpBMS (Battery Management System)

SimpBMS (Battery Management System)

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The SimpBMS v2.4 has now been superseded by a new version now called EVS-BMS. Based on the original SimpBMS just with more battery support and updated features. Click here to view EVS-BMS which is available now


SimpBMS v2.4 Out Of Stock - Due to global microprocessor shortage. Current ETA Maybe April 2023


PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A PLUG AND PLAY SYSTEM, USER CONFIGURATION AND WIRING REQUIRED. Some good electrical knowledge is needed to use and install this product. Please make sure you download the manual BEFORE purchase and understand what is involved in using this product.

Manual       |      Software Updates

Battery Management System (BMS) Features

An interface which can function as a monitoring and / or control solution for Yuasa LEV40-8 modules and the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV packs, BMW i3, VW E-Golf and GTE and Tesla Model S/X modules (check manual for features available with these modules). Below are some of the features 

Current working features: 
- Canbus communication formatted for Victron Systems 
- Full Control of Slaves, reading temperatures and voltages plus controlling balancing 
- Precharge control, timer and current based 
- CAN based current sensor (CAB300) - Also works with the none CAN bus current sensor CT Ammeter DHAB-S-18
- AH Counter Based SOC calculation - Voltage based SOC correction 
- Watchdog timer to reset BMS in event of software error 
- Canbus Chargers (Brusa NLG5xx, Chevy Volt, Elcon) 
- Display support (2.4" TFT LCD Display)
- Support for additional external screen Victron Color Control GX via RJ45 (optional extra)


Currently supported slaves:
- Tesla Model S/X
- Tesla battery modules used in other OEM cars
- Mitsubishi Outlander LEV40/LEV46
- VW E-Golf and GTE (no balancing currently)
- BMW I3

SimpBMS Manual

What's included

1 X BMS PCB Board with pre installed software (if required) includes Connector set


Battery Management System (BMS) Specification


  • Depth 15mm (no cables)
  • Width 100mm
  • Height 50mm


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