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Tesla 6.3kWh | 22.8V | 252Ah
Tesla 6.3kWh | 22.8V | 252Ah
Tesla 6.3kWh | 22.8V | 252Ah
Tesla 6.3kWh | 22.8V | 252Ah
Tesla 6.3kWh | 22.8V | 252Ah
Tesla 6.3kWh | 22.8V | 252Ah
Tesla 6.3kWh | 22.8V | 252Ah

Tesla 6.3kWh | 22.8V | 252Ah

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Nominal voltage 22.8V
Original Capacity 6300Wh


Tesla 6.3kWh P100D  Module Lithium-ion Battery Features

Tesla 6.3kWh p100d Module 3D Render

This module is 6.3kWh 22.8V Lithium Ion High Voltage Battery Module from the 100kWh battery pack of a Tesla. Donor vehicle 2017 I mileage  24,000 miles. Modules have all been tested with our Deutronic dbl1200hv-60 diagnostic and conditioning system workshop tool using the Manufacture pre defined high and low voltages of this module.

Bolt Size: M8 13mm length
Cell type: Panasonic 18650
Cell Configuration: 6S86P (6 Series 86 Parallel)
Cells per modules: 516
Nominal voltage 25V
Original Capacity 252Ah

Power source for EV vehicles
Regenerative charge systems, EV vehicles
Solar energy storage
Many, many more...

What's included Tesla 6.3kWh P100D Module

With EACH module purchase you will receive:

1 X Tesla Module (@rerated capacity)

Tesla 6.3kWh P100D Module Specification

  • Nominal voltage 22.8v Module
  • Original Capacity 6300Wh
  • 25.2v Module
  • Charger voltage cut off - 4.2v Cell / 25.2v Module
  • Discharge cut-off - 3.3v Cell / 19.8v Module
  • Maximum discharge current - (10sec)   1000amps
  • Discharge current (3seconds) 1500amps
  • Continuous discharge current - 225amps
  • Max charger current - 225amps
  • Recommended BMS interface - SimpBMS
  • Number of cells per module -   516
  • Cell type -  18650
  • Cell rating - 3400mAh
  • max operating temp -  60degc
  • Min operating temp - -18degc
  • Charging temp -   0deg c < 45deg c
  • Storage temp range  -20degc < 50degc
  • Cooling 5/16" tubing ( 8mm) 
  • Length 680mm approx
  • Width 315mm approx
  • Height 80mm approx
  • Mass 28kg approx

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 Datasheet for Tesla_P100D_Panasonic_NCR18650B Cells.PDF


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