Thunderstruck - EVCC (Charge Controller)
Thunderstruck - EVCC (Charge Controller)

Thunderstruck - EVCC (Charge Controller)

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Thunderstruck very own CAN controlled Charger Controller that has user adjustable settings. This way if you change your battery pack configuration you don't need to buy a new charger or pay someone to reprogram it for you.

The EVCC integrates charger CANBUS control and J1772 functionality in a simple to use, cost effective enclosure. Charge parameters such as maximum voltage, maximum current, and total charge time are configured, saved in nonvolatile memory, and used when charging to control a CAN enabled charger. Uses approximately 45 mA from a 12VDC source while in charge mode. 
 -CAN controlled is the new standard for component to component communication. Configuration is performed by a PC running a terminal emulation program over a USB port. These settings are stored in EVCC eeprom. Compatible with Windows 10, XP, 7, Vista, Mac OS 10.7 or newer, and Android tablets version 3.2 or newer. EVCC comes with 4' cable lengths. 
 -Currently works on CAN-enabled TSM2500, 1500, ElCon, and Lear chargers, as well as compatibility with Orion BMS.  

 -Charger output for lithium is adjustable for Current, Max Voltage, max charging time, and termination current.  Additionally a profile for lead-acid can be enabled which adds a 3-stage charge curve specific for that chemistry.

 -Low Current feature (user adjustable) for lower power outlets while charging on the road.

Includes Serial Cable

Optional Alarm/ Buzzer - Contact us for this option

EVCC Version 3.0 Manual

EVCC Version 2.4 Manual

EVCC Version 2.3 Manual

Serial Port Utilities Installation

Putty Install Video

PC Software (.zip)

Mac software (.zip)

Old version archives