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We receive regular questions about our batteries and testing. To help with many of these we have documented the sourcing, dismantling and testing process used on every battery pack we receive.

LEV50 Module

1. Our suppliers inform us that they have an electric or hybrid car that they are breaking.

2. We request photos and details of age and condition of the vehicle.

3. These details are logged

4. If this meets our vetting criteria, the battery pack is purchased and delivered to our workshops.

5. When the battery arrives we carry out and immediate inspection.

6. The serial number and age are logged

7. The pack is opened.

8. The pack voltage is measured

EV battery testing

9. The pack is charged, if required.

10. A visual inspection is completed, photographic evidence is recorded

11. The battery pack is only then dismantled in a controlled environment

12. All modules and their cells' serial numbers and pack positions are logged.

13. The module's voltages are taken and logged with a date stamp

14. All modules containing the cells are removed from the pack's housing

15. A visual inspection of each module is completed

16. Each cell voltage is taken and logged alongside its unique serial number and its module's reference number

17. Other recyclable parts are removed and eventually sent to be recycled

18. All cells are voltage tested

19. If cell falls below our set value, they are taken out and not sold.

20. The cells are then stored in a dry and cool storage location, different locations from within the pack, their serial numbers are logged until sold.

21. Following a purchase, cells are picked, voltage measurement is taken, logged alongside the cells serial number.

22. The cells are then shipped with UPS, and registered as lithium cells in transit.