About Us

Second Life EV Batteries came about from running our own electrical projects that required quality Lithium batteries. We found the market for getting hold of second life lithium batteries really difficult. We decided to try to help others with their electrical projects and filling this void.


As a team we are very environmentally conscious and big advocates for Reuse, Repurpose & Recycle of many products we have in our day-to-day lives. With the Electric Vehicles (EV) market really starting to gain momentum, the number of second life EV batteries on the market is growing. We are really keen to get these batteries repurposed into a new useful application rather than allowing them to be discarded in landfill. The more we can assist and facilitate this industry the better it is for the whole environment. It is believe that the reuse and repurpose of EV batteries should reach approximately 97% with only 3% going to landfill by year 2023 and we want to be apart helping make this happen.

Team Second Life EV Batteries Photo

Jamie Marley
Paul Chaundy
Vicky Marley
Simon Richards