Capacity Testing

"We Sell Capacity"

Victron Energy Battery MonitorWe know that really what we are selling is capacity, call it what you like Ah or kWh, what you want is capacity to enable your project to run, at the right voltage for a desired duration.

Therefore we know how important to you, that we do the leg work to test the batteries, to disclose what the remaining capacity is within any one module.  So we take a sample module from the pack to perform a capacity test on it.  We charge the module up to is specified max voltage and the discharge the module at 5amps. Our test kit ( see images ) eventually tells us the Ah/ kWh that the unit has taken out down to the specified minimum module voltage.


<img src="" alt="Example selection of tools we use for capacity testing" width="600x600" height="600x600" style="float: none;" />

Example selection of tools we use for capacity testing

 Today this is our process and we are very aware that, if we run this test several times on any one module that this remaining capacity reading improves.  But it is this first remaining capacity reading ( Ah / kWh) that we us to calculate the sale price and state on our website alongside the module or pack. If you do not agree to this method please do not buy from us.

We however are constantly learning and developing our processes and investing in new test gear.

Thanks for reading

SLEVB Test Team