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Second Life EV Batteries
Yuasa LEV50 / LEV40 Lithium-ion Battery Cells & Modules

GS Yuasa Group's state of the art technology

We will be at Fully Charged LIVE 2019

Yuasa LEV50 Cell

LEV50 Cell

Yuasa LEV50 Cells

Yuasa LEV50 Module

LEV50 Module

Yuasa LEV50 Modules

Our Testing

yuasa ev testing

Our documented process of sourcing, dismantling and testing used on every battery pack we receive.

Yuasa LEV40 Cell

LEV40 Cell

Yuasa LEV40 Cells

Yuasa LEV40 Module

LEV40 Module

Yuasa LEV40 Modules


LEV50 Delivery

We delivery all our Lithium-ion batteries through UPS who have special Lithium-ion process which we adhere to.

Our Feedback

Our Testing of Yuasa cells

We understand with the nature of Second Life EV cells and modules people are cautious about what capacity they are going to end up with. We have a strict process for all packs that must be met before we begin testing. We have detailed our testing procedure here. We stand by all our cells and modules with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back if you feel your cells are faulty and not up to our advertised standard. For more information on our testing click here


Batteries often found in electric and hybrid cars still have plenty of life left in them for various applications. Even when the capacity of a high voltage battery is too low for an electric car they don't need to go direct to disposal.


We are EV battery pack breakers. We take used packs and break them up into either their cell or module level. Once broken apart the cells & modules have many, many applications. Batteries can be connected in either series or in-parelled to give a desired voltage or capacity.


This is often asked. A battery EV pack contains a number of individual modules. A module will contain a number of cells. Some other terms are also used in this industry. See table below for a term definition:

Term Definition
Battery Cell The smallest building block in battery, a chemical unit
Battery Module Assembly of cells including electronic control
Battery Pack One or more modules including complete BMS and can be used as a stand-alone unit
Battery Space The space enclosed by structural separation in which batteries are located
Battery String A battery comprises a number of cells or modules connected in series with the same voltage level as the battery system

Meet the Team

Jamie Marley


With a long background in the marine industry Jamie has had lot of experience with high voltage battery system. He is currently predominantly working in the marine propulsion sector as an consultant in electrification and hybridisation of marine applications. His invaluable input has helped us to create our processes, understand our markets and to work to improve. Jamie has undertaken a number of electric projects that have required EV batteries including one of the first UK ribs to run a fully electric propulsion motor and is currently working on his own electric jet ski project.

Paul Chaundy

Technical & Digital Marketing

With a background in media business Paul is a director at CMD Global Ltd. Paul has always had a personal interest in sustainable solutions. He is currently working on his own solar array which also got him into understanding the use for "Second Life " EV batteries and how they can be repurposed into other applications.

Vicky Marley

Administration & Stores