Purchase Order Conditions


Second Life EV Batteries Ltd (SLEVB) are proud to support the environment by helping to recycle high quality used batteries. For this reason we have very high standards for the batteries we buy to ensure our customers receive batteries that will enjoy a safe and productive second life. To support this process, we conduct a number of tests when a battery first arrives at our testing facility.

In supplying the goods listed on this purchase order, the seller expressly agrees to the following terms of business in full. Should seller disagree with ANY of the following, please do not supply any goods against this purchase order.


Our test process includes but is not limited to;

For the whole unopened battery pack;

  • Visual inspection for physical damage
  • Visual inspection for water damage
  • Visual inspection of electrical connectors for signs of damage, shorting, over current etc


If a pack fails any of the above, the seller agrees to fully refund the cost of the pack and any delivery carriage. Furthermore, seller also agrees to arrange collection of the damaged pack at their cost.

Seller agrees that should the supplied battery pack pass the above tests then SLEVB has the right to open the pack to inspect the internals as below.

  • Visual inspection for the presence of the standard manufacturers’ contents
  • Visual inspection for physical damage
  • Visual inspection for water ingress, condensation, water damage etc.
  • Visual inspection of electrical interconnects and BMS elements for signs of damage, shorting, over current etc


Should the battery fail the above, seller agrees to provide a full refund for the pack, its delivery and return costs as above, irrespective of the fact that the pack has been opened.

Only once modules have passed the above tests do we move on to electrical testing of the modules to include;

  • Integrity of internal electrical circuits and connections including individual cell taps
  • Electrical continuity and appropriate voltage presence
  • Correct function of any communications system


Finally once all of the above is satisfactory we perform;

  • A set of three full charge and discharge cycles.
  • To pass our test a module must show greater than 50% of original manufacturers capacity remaining.


Any modules that fail the above will be refunded and collected by the seller at their cost. The value of the refund is to be calculated as the price paid for the pack including any delivery costs, divided by the number of modules contained in the pack.

Supplier agrees to a full refund for the battery pack, delivery and return carriage for rejected batteries.