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Custom EV Battery

Custom Battery boxes are manufactured from 10mm thick high density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is totally inert to the corrosive properties of a battery. Any spillages will be safely contained in the totally sealed battery box.

Entry and exits for the cables are normally drilled by the customer but our battery boxes can be supplied fully fitted with all the necessary cable glands and vents if required.

Tek-Tanks battery boxes are ideally suited to the one off design as they can be manufactured to any shape and size using our normal sheet material. All welds are hot gas extrusion welded for ultimate strength and reliability.

The basic design is similar to a shoe box with the lid having a downturned lip around the edge. The lid fits snugly over the main box and is supplied with a 5mm thick neoprene gasket. Lid fastenings can be rubber toggles or stainless steel protex clip fasteners which enable almost instant access into the box.
EV V battery box
Step 1 – Your Drawing
All custom battery boxes begin with a drawing, a template or an old cardboard mockup. Your drawing or template doesn’t have to be perfect but the better it is the better we can help you. We realise not all of us are artists or have access to the latest computer drawing software. A simple sketch showing the shape of the box, it’s dimensions, the fitting locations and their sizes is all we need. It would be great if you can measure your box in millimetres as this is the most accurate method of measurement. All of our systems are in millimetres and nothing is lost in a conversion. This will provide us with the most basic information that is required for us to quote.

Step 2 – Quotation
Once we have received your sketch giving the information that we need we will prepare and send you our quotation. If something doesn’t look right or we see something that may be beneficial to you we will contact you.

Step 3 – CAD Drawing
Upon receipt of your deposit we then move to the next step and produce a CAD drawing of your battery box. A copy of which will be sent to you. This is your opportunity to make any alterations, talk with our designers and check that all is well.

Step 4 – Production
When you are happy with everything and the drawing has been approved, we then move to the production stage. Your battery box build will have been scheduled and an allocated build slot assigned.

Why not make a mock-up or a battery box template it’s really a good and quick way to see if your new box will manoeuvre around any obstacles or tight spots that you may have, but more importantly, check whether you can get the box into and out of the boat, vehicle or building. It is usually more expensive to modify a box than to start all over again. Mark on the locations of any fittings and features such as fixing tabs. Quite often customers send in or deliver their templates along with their sketches and we are often amazed by our customers ingenuity. Some of the templates that we have received are nothing short of a work of art.

Please contact directly regarding ANY questions

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